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Symposium A8 : Sensors and Actuators
Chair Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont
Co-chair Dr. Nadnudda Rodthongkum
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toemsak Srikhirin
Meeting room via Zoom application: Room 05
Wednesday 7th July, 2021
Time Abstract No. Presenter Title
Chair: Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont
Co-chair: Dr. Nadnudda  Rodthongkum
11:00-11:30 A8-I-209 Prof. Dr. Orawon Chailapakul Nanomaterial-based Optical and Electrochemical Biosensors for detection of C-reactive Protein
11:30-12:00 A8-I-213 Prof. Kui Yao Lead-free Oxide Piezoelectric Thin Films and Coatings for Future Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators
12:00-12:20 A8-O-156 Asst.Prof. Ayse Berksoy-Yavuz The Effect of Mn-Doping on Structural and Electromechanical Properties of 0.26PIN-0.40PMN-0.34PT Ternary Piezoceramic System
Chair: Dr. Nadnudda  Rodthongkum
Co-chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toemsak Srikhirin
13:30-14:00 A8-I-195 Prof. Daniel Citterio Analytical Devices Made from Paper for Calibration-Free Semiquantitative Colorimetric Assays
14:00-14:20 A8-O-084 Miss Kanchanok Phochakum Development of conductive and biocompatible three-dimensional graphene-based composite scaffold for tissue engineering applications
14:20-14:40 A8-O-120 Miss Patiya Pasakon Disposable Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode Composited with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Graphene for Application as Electrochemical Sensor
14:40-15:00 A8-O-150 Mr. Chavalchart Herabut Toilet Gadget and System for Urine Monitoring
Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toemsak Srikhirin
Co-chair: Dr. Adisorn Tuantranont
15:30-16:00 A8-I-211 Assist. Prof. Dr. Benchaporn Lertanantawong Electrochemical DNA Sensors Development for Multiple Pathogens Detection
16:00-16:20 A8-O-159 Mr. Panjaphong Lertsathitphong The active gold nanostructured formation and it electrocatalysis in sensing application from electrochemical restructuring with redox active species
16:20-16:40 A8-O-160 Miss Merve Nur Ciftci Design, Development and Characterization of a 25-35 kHz Mid-Frequency Tonpilz Transducer Array from 0.675PMN-0.325PT Piezoceramics
16:40-16:45 A8-P-009 Mr. Keerakit Kaewket Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry of Environmental Contaminants at Activated Carbon Modified Electrodes: Adsorption Characteristics and Sensing Applications
16:45-16:50 A8-P-027 Asst.Prof.Dr. Ekasiddh Wongrat Two Shapes of ZnO Nanostructure Modified with Metal Adding for n-Butanol Response Enhancement
16:50-16:55 A8-P-032 Miss Narumon Phonrung Synthesis, characterization, and photophysical property of pyrazoline derivative
16:55-17:00 A8-P-137 Mr. Sarawut Kondee Fabrication of Ammonia Gas Sensor Based on Carbon Quantum Dots
17:00-17:05 A8-P-138 Miss Alisa Saengsonachai Development of Dual-Function Alternating Current Driven Electroluminescent Device
17:05-17:10 A8-P-200 Nadtinan Promphet Thread-based Colorimetric Sensor for Sweat Glucose and Urea Detection
17:10-17:15 A8-P-201 Siraprapa Boobhpahom Novel Paper-Based Electrochemical Sensor Based on CuO/Il/ERGO Modified Electrode for Non-Enzymatic Creatinine Detection
17:15-17:20 A8-P-202 Jutiporn Yukird Polyaniline Micellar Solution as A Label-Free Electrochemical Immunosensor for Sensitive Detection of Anti-Müllerian Hormone
17:20-17:25 A8-P-203 Surinya Traipop Simple and effective fabrication of Cu-Pt bimetallic nanocatalysts modified boron-doped diamond electrodes for direct methanol oxidation
17:25-17:30 A8-P-204 Prinjaporn Teengam Paper-based Fluorogenic DNA Sensor using Pyrrolidinyl Peptide Nucleic Acids for Hepatitis C Virus Detection
17:30-17:35 A8-P-205 Sakda Jampasa Sensitive Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Based on Nitrogen-decorated Carbon Dots as a Green Labeling Agent for Listeria Monocytogenes Determination