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Symposium A6 : Piezoelectric Applications
Chair Prof. Dr. Supon Ananta
Co-chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantakan Muensit
Meeting room via Zoom application: Room 03
Friday 9th July 2021
Time Abstract No. Presenter Title
Chair: Prof. Dr. Supon Ananta
Co-chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantakan Muensit
11:00-11:30 A6-I-146 Prof. Shujun Zhang Piezoelectric Materials and Application Oriented Figures of Merit
11:30-12:00 A6-I-179 Assist. Prof. Dr.  Wee Chen Gan Unraveling the effects of piezoelectric polarization on the surface charge density of hybrid-piezo/triboelectric nanogenerator
12:00-12:30 A6-I-194 Mr. Thulasinath Raman Venkatesan Structure-Property Relationships in Three-Phase Relaxor-Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) Terpolymer
Chair: Prof. Dr. Supon Ananta
Co-chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantakan Muensit
13:00-13:20 A6-O-025 Mr. Takahiro Samma Freeze castingof cellularlead-freepiezoelectric ceramics and piezocatalytic activity
13:20-13:40 A6-O-067 Mr. Ryota Yamamoto Fabrication and Vibration Energy Harvesting of Polymer/Ceramic Multilayer Structure
13:40-14:00 A6-O-155 Mr. EZGI YALCIN Comparison of the Performance Characteristics of the Tonpilz Transducers Fabricated from 0.60PMN-0.40PT & PZT Piezoceramics
14:00-14:20 A6-O-177 Mr. Muhammet Boz Design, Finite Element Analysis, Fabrication and Electroacoustic Characterization of Transducer Arrays from Piezoceramics with Hollow Cylindrical Shell Form
14:20-14:25 A6-P-091 Dr. Hiroshi Maiwa Effect of additives on lead-free antiferroelectric NaNbO3 ceramics